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This page was last updated: January 12, 2013

                                                  Option #1 
          I take all your contact information (name, address, e-mail. phone #)...                           You tell me what you’re looking for (sex,color,size)...                                    You pay a $200.00 deposit to hold the puppy for you until it is                                        born and ready to go home with you @ 7 weeks old…               
                                                 At this point...
             the first available puppy that meets your requirements is yours : )                                  I contact you as soon as a litter is born with a puppy                                                       that meets what you’re looking for...

           All Deposits are  NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE
                                NO EXCEPTIONS                                      

                   You MUST have the  balance of $300.00 - $500 (CASH)
                         depending on the price of the puppy you choose                                                     and pick up your puppy by 7 weeks of age                                                                     or a mutually agreed upon date.
                   If we end up keeping your puppy past 7 weeks of age 
                        (unless we have come to a previous arrangement)                                                   YOU WILL BE CHARGED A BOARDING FEE! 

                                                Option #2                                                                       Everything is pretty much the same…except you choose not to                                place the deposit. Your name will still go on the Wait List...       
 But please understand that someone can place a deposit at ANYTIME and jump straight to the head of the list in front of you...regardless of how long  you had been waiting, and it could be the day before you planed on bringing the puppy home. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people think they could get around paying the deposit, only to end up wishing they had. Either way for us...these puppies will find good homes, and that's what's important to us. But
   If your serious about getting a puppy from us, and you know what you want.
        That deposit GUARANTEES you your place in line for what you want.
          Either way though...I will be happy to add your name  to our list : )
                                    We do this a lot for people,                                                                  and we find homes for most of our puppies this way.                                                     Once the puppies are listed online...                               
                             it's  a matter of first come-first serve.                                                            So this is a way of people knowing they will                                                                     get the puppy they want.                                                       
      The puppies you will find on this web site...is what is leftover after 
           they have been picked through by the people on the Wait List.                        "Most of the time" there just aren't enough puppies to go around.

      I e-mail  pics of the puppies as they grow (every 10 days give or take),                                and of course your welcome to visit the kennel : )                 

                 If you still have questions, or are interested in getting on                                                  our Wait List (Option #1 or #2)...                                                                                Just let us know.  

 We can offer NO GUARANTEES as to how long you may be waiting for a puppy to be born that meets the specific requirements your looking for. Though I can tell you that we are currently breeding five females, and we have litters available year round.               

​                                    People ask me all the time, and...
                  WE DO NOT SHIP OUR PUPPIES ! 
                       Life is stressful enough on these little guys...
          I don't see the need to make life any more stressful for them : )

                 WE ACCEPT CREDIT  &  DEBIT CARDS...As Well As CHECKS                                   via the internet through our link above for  

                                      ***Please Note That...***
                  There is a charge added for all PayPal transactions...
                                    it will cost you an additional... 
                                   $11 to place a deposit of $200
                      and $20 to pay the full purchase price of $500
                      and  $23 to pay the full purchase price of $600
                      and  $26 to pay the full purchase price of $700       
         These are the costs charged to me by PayPal, and I am simply                   passing them along to you if you choose to pay this way.                          These costs have already been added into the costs                                             on the PayPal buttons above.
                             As for payment options in person 
                   CASH ONLY 
                       and PLEASE...have exact change!                       
                       We apologize for any inconvenience, but  
                  NO CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS, or CREDIT CARDS   
                 WILL BE ACCEPTED in Person. ONLY via our link for PayPal     



                                  Our Policy For Picking These Puppies Up...
 Unless we have agreed to do otherwise from the beginning...We expect everyone who buys a     puppy from us to pick that puppy up the day it's ready to go home (give or take a day or two). 
 We will work with you as far as what's convenient for you as far as your work schedule goes.
BUT...if we end up keeping your puppy for WHATEVER REASON more than a few extra days...                                      We are going to charge you for boarding that puppy!
Over the years I've heard many reasons why people needed me to hold to their puppy "just a little bit longer" Many of them seemingly good reasons. But in the end...this is a small kennel with
                                                          limited space. 
                              So...to cover the costs, and for our inconvenience...                                                                     We are charging a SMALL boarding fee of $6 per day.   

      ***Bow-Wow Kennels reserves the right to keep any puppy from any litter at any time***
                 We do hope you'll keep checking back with us...                                       If you happen to come across a puppy we have for sale                                           that is exactly what you've been looking for...                                              A                   of $200.00 will hold it for you                                                              till it's ready to go home.
          Or if you'd like to reserve a puppy from a future litter                                                        (say a specific color or sex)...                                                              just let us know, and get on our Wait List...                                 
                           The way our Wait List works is this…
                                     We have two options…
To Purchase A Puppy...
           Sorry, NO MORE POM PUPPIES available
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